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The statute allows the right to film, videotape or otherwise record an extracurricular event so long as it does not cause significant disruption or distraction to the participants in the activity.

Concussion and Sports-Related Head Injury: No state policy.

Health education is not required for high school graduation.

Curriculum Content: The state adopted the Health Education Standards (2009), which includes the rationale, standards, and major content areas for comprehensive health education for local districts to use in developing their own curricula.

It is based on the National Health Education Standards and addresses eight major content areas: consumer and community health, environmental health, family health, personal health and safety, mental and emotional health, nutrition, prevention and control of disease, and substance use and abuse Instruction in health education must be provided by certified teachers.

Education Code 51210 (1976/2001) requires instruction in grades 1 through 6 in "health, including instruction in the principles and practices of individual, family, and community health." Education Code 51934 (2003) requires HIV/AIDS prevention instruction to all pupils in grades 7 to 12 at least once in junior high or middle school and at least once in high school.

Education Code 51202 (1976/1992) requires instruction on personal and public safety and accident prevention; the effects of the use of tobacco, alcohol, narcotics, dangerous drugs, and other dangerous substances; venereal disease; and prenatal care at the appropriate elementary and secondary grade levels." A number of other provisions to support effective substance abuse and gang prevention are contained in Education Codes 51260 to 51269 (1986/90).

Some sections of the Education Code express general support for school health education but do not establish mandates.

The Health Framework for California Public Schools (2003) provides voluntary guidelines to districts and schools, including additional supporting information and an update of school health laws. does not require students to take coursework in health education, nor is it a requirement for graduation.

Curriculum Content: The state does not require schools to follow a specific curriculum framework .

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